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Thank You

Thank you so much for visiting our website.  We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed the process of building it!  We want to thank our team and their spouses for putting up with a photographer snapping their pictures for several months.  We want to thank our vendors for all of their support since we launched our business in 2009.  And of course, we want to thank our customers—without them, there is no Haberdasher.  And a special thank you to our customers that participated in our photo sessions and are an important piece of our new website. You guys look fabulous!

Most importantly we want to thank the folks that helped turn our vision into this wonderful website. 
  • We could not have done it without our web designer, Allison Cassels.  Allison understood from our very first call what we wanted to accomplish.  She took our ideas and made sense of them on these pages. You can find out more about working with her here.
  • We knew that photography could make or break the site – and with the right photography we could take the site to the next level.  Amy Bristow has done some holiday shoots for us over the years and while until this site she was not focused on corporate work, we think you will agree she is great at it.  You can find out more about Amy here.
  • Our new site has a few great videos we hope you had the time to view.  We want to thank our primary videographer, Chuck Rudisill, for his help on this project.  You can find out more about Chuck here.
  • Next, we would like to thank Cindy McCarthy.  She turned our thoughts into text and helped us craft our message and stay on point.  You can find out more about Cindy’s company here.
  • Lastly, we turned to an old friend, Kriss Wilson, for some drone videography. Sadly, Kriss passed away in 2021 not long after he delivered Haberdasher our final videos.  We had not seen a lot of Kriss in recent years.  He was a self-described serial entrepreneur and from the day we opened our doors he was always giving us encouragement. We are so glad to have some of his last work on our site.

– Scott and Helen Ilnicky

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